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Curious to know the secret of the rich investors in earning passive investments?

Simple lang. They are investing in the RIGHT mentors, trusted institutions, easy-to-follow proven strategies, and perfect tools for their financial situation and goals.


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Ikaw rin ba ay aspiring, new investor or trader looking for ways to expand your savings?


---Without wasting your day staring at charts

---Without trading for something that won’t work for your present situation 

---Without experiencing roller-coaster emotions caused by market conditions​​

Want to venture into new other instruments instead? 


Marahil ay pagod ka na kakahanap ng paraan to invest and achieve the time and financial freedom that you desire…


Chances are, baka ikaw ay isang trader but you don’t have all the time to learn and implement everything about trading and wise investing due to other duties and more quality time with your loved ones. 


O baka naman ikaw ay minsan ng na-scam ng mga unreliable investment deals, na-burned out at na- broke by your previous investments…


Worry not! 


That’s where this FREE webinar comes in. 


Just a quick warning…


This webinar is not for you if:


  • You want to learn EVERYTHING by yourself and are willing to undergo lots of ‘trial and errors’ just to see what’s working

  • You have all the time, energy, knowledge to learn the in’s and outs of investing

  • You don’t want to discover expert secrets and strategies in earning your first million

However, if you want to follow successful investment strategies while avoiding get-rich-quick investment scams…


If you want to get ahead of 98% of do-it-yourself beginners and small Filipino retail traders…


If you want to escape years of mistakes and end the constant backbreaking grind… 

Look no further! your future self will thank you for attending this EXCLUSIVE webinar.


Inside this FREE webinar, you’ll learn…


  • Surprising Ways to Earn in FOREX Many Traders Don’t Know About And Why You Don’t Need to Be A Trader To Earn A Living In FOREX 

  • The One Thing That Holds You Back From Successful Investing

  • Learn The Secret Formula Most Rich Investors Follow (Pandemic-Proof )

  • How to Invest Without Burning Yourself And Money To Death Using A Customized Investment Plan

  • Have the Ability to Detect Subtle Investment Scams At First Glance

You will also have the chance to discover long-term and sustainable opportunities that you can use for: 

Retirement Savings


College Education


Wealth accumulation


All it takes is you, computer/laptop and

commitment to change your financial future. 


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For over 7 years, We’ve been helping thousands of Filipinos like you alleviate their financial status and generate wealth…

Your expert hosts


Amando Jose Balaria

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Candidate

A practicing Business and Investment Consultant for seven (7) years

A sought-after speaker. An educator (affiliated with the leading universities in Nueva Ecija), entrepreneur & investor

His consultancy firm has over 600 clients in three (3) years servicing approx. Php 300M worth of clients’ portfolio

His company has three (3) branches in the country (Baguio City, Nueva Ecija & Davao City)


Ericxel Cariaga

CEO & Co-founder,

iPRO Literacy Group, Inc.

Financial & Investment Consultant

Wealth Protection Advocate

Founder, The OFW Smart Investors Group

Certified Investment Solicitor

Former Manager & Financial Advisor, Philam Life

Seminars & Boot Camps

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- Frequently Asked Questions -

Question: I want and need this, is this for free?
Answer: Yes. 100% FREE, Secure your slot now!

Question: Where and when will it happen?
When: Weekly schedule will be announce via Messenger.
Where: The Free Exclusive Webinar will happen on Zoom.

Question: Can I share this webinar with my friends?
Answer: Of course, you can. While this on-demand webninar remains free, you're still free to share it